About Us

"Light Up Your Home"

Our mission is to provide a new generation of home goods that inspire people to create unique and meaningful spaces. We are always working hard to provide unique, high-quality, well-designed home furnishings. We are constantly working to make furniture unique, fun, and easy access to more designs at a good value. Our team of designers is always ahead in the newest trends to bring you the latest design and quality products. We are dedicated to providing the best designs and tested products that feature the latest technology to help our customers achieve the best quality of life. When it comes to lighting up your home, we want to light your faces up with smiles and give you the relaxing and safe environment that you deserve.

Our reclining lift chairs have the best specifications in the business. We are SCS Certified, CAL TB and EPP Compliant. Additionally, our products are environmentally preferable and are Lower Environmental Impact Certified. All our chairs come with a warranty that covers the motors, reclining mechanisms, frame and material.

"For The Ones You Love"

We believe in the power of LOVE! Shopping for a loved one is easy with us. Irene House is number one over other competitors when it comes to the ones you love. We focus on a pleasant shopping experience. Whether you are shopping for yourself, mother/father, husband/ wife, sister/brother or friend, we want to make sure your loved one is safe, healthy, and independent in the comfort of their own home. Our recliner lift chairs are the perfect gift!

Our team of professionals has the passion and knowledge to help you with your shopping experience. We are proud to provide the best customer service experience. Just pick up the phone and give us a ring, chat online or email. We will be with you every step of the way. We love solving problems and will be proactive with any task. Lending a hand is what we do best.

"Giving To Those In Need"

Irene House cares for the Community and their needs. As a family-owned business, it's a priority for us to involve our work family in serving the community. We aim to tighten the link between business targets and corporate social responsibility (CSR) by engaging in CSR efforts. Customers' needs should always be put first. We have and we will go the extra mile and build a chair for someone with special needs. We promise to always be involved in social, educational, environmental and health issues by devoting meaningful resources to a variety of opportunities throughout our communities.

Our Missions

Provide a new generation of home goods that inspire people to create unique and meaningful spaces.

Provide the best designs and tested products that feature the latest technologically to help our customers achieve the best quality of life. 

- - TO INSPIRE - -
Provide empowerment with comfort & peace of 

Provide the best customer service experience.

Provide a safe, healthy, and independent comfort zone in their own home.

Provide the perfect reclining lift chair.

Provide a relationship with our customers and be a reliable partner for your home and family.