Guide to choose the power lift recliner.

Guide to choose the power lift recliner.

Power lift recliners are an extremely beneficial mobility aid to seniors with issues that make it difficult to stand up from a sitting position or to sit down from a standing position.

Rising out of a chair is significantly less difficult when the chair is capable of gently raising the occupant to a standing position for a safe and pain-free exit.

Knowing Types Of Lift Chairs

2-position lift chair

This chair can reclines just a few inches. These chairs are not that functional as 3-position lift chairs and infinite position lift chairs, but they still offer the basic lift function when you’re trying to stand up.

3-position lift chair

This chair can reclines to the level of a 2-position chair and further. Usually, there's no gap between the seat and the footrest. 3-posiontion recliner chairs have a single motor operating system with controls that allow you to stop at any position. These chairs are great for people who want more lounging experience or who like sleeping or napping in the recliners.

Infinite position lift chair

Infinite position lift chair is pretty much similar to the zero-gravity recliner. These chairs can recline the back of the chair nearly parallel to the floor and even raise the footrest above the back of the chair if need be. This allows the legs and feet of users to be above the heart or at the same level as the heart for a “zero-gravity” position that takes stress off the spine.

The body can also lay in a relaxed “S” position. These chairs are padded all the way down with no gaps. These chairs are perfect for people who want to sleep in their chair or are recovering from an injury and need to be laying down with lifted legs.

Single, Dual, or Triple Motor Lift Chairs.

We have power lift recliners with single, dual, or triple-motor. Also, some of our lift chairs featuring heat and massage functions.

When shopping for a lift chair, there are a few questions to consider before you decide:

1. What’s your budget?

Actually, this is a big consideration before purchasing. The price of lift chairs can vary from a few hundred dollors to over thousand dollors. If you don't use a recliner a lot, tyou may choose a cheaper model. If you want to use the chair every day, or you want to take a nap or sleep in it, you may want to choose a more functioanl one which satisfy all your needs.

2. What kind of positions do you need?

If you just need a little help when you transition from sitting to standing, a two-position lift chair could work well for you. If you need to sit for long periods of time and need to change position often, you might be better with an infinite-position lift chair.

3. Check the dimensions before you purchase the chair.

Check the dimensions of the chair, and consider how far back it will reclines – this will impact which room you gonna put the chair in, as you will need space behind it to let the lift chair fully reclined.

4. Would you like any extra functions?

If you like some extras, you may keep eyes one lift chairs with heated and massage options.

5. Check the weight capacity and the size.

Lift chairs usually have a weight capacity - it’s alway worth checking this before you buy, as it can vary with different models. Some models of power lift recliners offer different sizes depending on your needs, from petite, small, medium all the way through to tall.

 6. Padding, Armrest, Backrest.

The most important thing that you say a recliner comfortable or not is the padding. Some people prefer softer cushioning in their recliner chairs, others like the cushioning to be fimer. Also, before purchasing a chair, check the armrest, backrest, footrest, and headrest, see if it comfortable.

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